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   User Reviews
If you have a testimonial to make about our software, we\'d like hear about it and add it to this page. Longer, detailed testimonials are much more useful than short testimonials. You can email your testimonials to

"The best just gets better! I use Captain FTP just about every day, & it's the best FTP program I've ever seen for any platform."

Robert A. Black - Research Meteorologist - NOAA/AOML/HRD - February, 2009

"Captain FTP is a powerful and easy to use FTP client. If you have a need for a good, fast and reliable FTP client then Captain FTP can very well fulfill that need. Captain FTP is a very easy to use and reliable FTP client.

With the dual pane view it makes checking what is on your computer and on the ftp server is all up to date. As well as allowing you to easily drag an item from the computer to upload to the ftp server. Also allowing you to drag something from the ftp server to your computer to download.

The folder synchronization makes keeping your ftp server up to date with your computer. I have used this feature to keep my site up to date. If for some reason the transfer is disrupted it will try to automatically resume or reconnect and resume. So there is no reason to have to sit there and make sure it uploads okay since if something interrupts the connection Captain FTP will make sure it gets back on task and finishes the job.

Overall Captain FTP is an excellent ftp client and will definitely be able to serve your ftp client needs. For more information and to purchase Captain FTP please visit the link below. Captain FTP is priced at a reasonable $25 which makes it easy on the wallet and serves your needs.

Captain FTP receives a great score of 9/10 for its ease of use and great features. The only thing missing is a built in file information option. This would completely round out the features of Captain FTP by implementing a built in side pane for file information."
Ryan Techau, The Mac Reviewer - December 17, 2007

"What is magic about CaptainFTP?

I created a website in Appple iWeb. I then tried to upload it to my server. It failed with Cyberduck (I/O read error or .htaccess error), it failed with Fetch (timed out trying to establish passive mode) but it worked with CaptainFTP. What does CaptainFTP do that the others don't? I fiddled for hours with the other two FTP clients before I gave up."
Jo Hauser - February 17, 2007

"Captain FTP has all the primary features that a good FTP program needs. Having tested six or seven Mac applications for price versus features, I have to say that this program is on the right track, and I highly recommend it!"

"Captain FTP - I've tried a few FTP clients, and this was one of the first that actually worked (this started quite some time ago when programs weren't so great is the then new OS X) and was dead simple to use."
Forums Macnn, chrisdisregard - April 19, 2006

"Ich benutze nur Captain FTP"
"I use Captain FTP only"
Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan - November 2, 2006

"It is so reassuring to find, that there are people like you out there to put it right, when our machinery lets us down...

I really appreciate it.
Ingo Milton"
Ingo Milton - October 25, 2006

"I have found Captain FTP to be a very intuitive application. The menus and preferences are thoughtfully prepared and seem to be easier to navigate than the competition. It will easily accomplish the simplest task with little effort and it can be configured to accommodate the most technical of situations. It's not easy to build an interface to accommodate the basic user and the advanced user.

In addition I have found the file transfers speed embarrassingly fast when compared to Finder and other FTP apps available. I frequently download NASA pics for astronomy class and I schedule the software to do this after normal school times. You would be surprised at the frequent absence of a scheduling feature in FTP applications!

I must mention the stability. It seems rock solid. It has never crashed or seized up on me during 1+ GB image transfers!

Captain FTP is quickly becoming one of my most frequently used apps on my MacBook Pro!

Kudos to Captain FTP on a fine product!"
eehayes - October 18, 2006

"I am a professional photographer and routinely use ftp programs to modify and update my site as well as posting files and html galleries for my clients. I recently began using Captain FTP. It is an absolutely terrific program! Easy to use, intuitive, and makes great use of the Macintosh drag and drop simplicity. I had tried so many file transfer programs in the past, and quite frankly, none come even remotely close to Captain FTP. To date, I have never had a single problem with the program, it is rock solid, and their customer support is amongst the best I have ever encountered with any company. Within a few hours of writing (hadnĺt received my serial and key from Macupdate), I received a personal, friendly, and totally helpful reply. It's one of those programs that are just a joy to use, well thought out, user friendly, and actually fun. I'd say it is without a doubt the best file transfer program currently out there. Thanks for such a great application! Ahoy Matie!"
Andy Daddio - October 7, 2006

"Killer Application
I have spent the last month testing a number of ftp applications (fetch, transmit etc.) and have given the thumbs up to this cool and killer application. Prior to downloading any of the tested clients, I didn't think that there would be much difference between the various applications. Four weeks later, I can confirm that there is! Captain FTP combines the advanced functionality to keep ftp die hards happy with the intuitiveness and usuability to stop novices from panicking.

Captain FTP has a long feature list. Two of my favourites are the tabbed interface for multiple ftp sessions and the superb file handling and management. These two features make Captain FTP a joy to use especially when a website is still in its development stage. I was reminded of this when I had to update multiple websites from someone else's Mac. I spent twice the time doing it with half the fun!"
shopping8 - July 10, 2006

"Captain FTP is the coolest!
I wish it was PC & Mac compatible because I like to use programs that are cross platform compatible. I think Cute_FTP is... but I like the look of Captain FTP."

from Apple/discussions
Lamont Dennis - March 7, 2006

"As a web developer, I need fast and easy FTP access to a number of different servers and accounts. I''m really pleased at how complex Captain FTP is, whilst being very easy to use. I''ve just signed up for another 12 months of upgrade protection after a some very impressive upgrades since 4.0, when I first purchased Captain FTP. Thankyou for such a helpful and speedy tool. There is absolutly no reason I will ever need to think about using another application!

Captain FTP Fan,
Sebastian Whincop"
Sebastian Whincop - April 4, 2006

"I optimized my hard drive. Lo & behold, everything seems to rock! You have been incredibly patient and helpful... It's truly a shame that more companies aren't like you. They'd probably have a better reputation.

A thousand thanks and my very best wishes!"
Laura - November 25, 2005

"For the past few years I've been using Fetch as my FTP client, but recently have decided to look for a new program. I read a number of excellent reviews of Captain FTP and gave it a try. I have not been disappointed. The interface is not only nicer to look at, but in my experience is also easier to use, more intuitive and more powerful. Of particular note is the Transfer Manager, which not only gives an excellent visual reference on the status of the transfer, but also allows you to set the priority and to schedule transfers. Very useful, especially for large downloads. I also really like the Safari/Firefox-like tab feature (very nice), the ability to connect to other Captain users over a WAN or LAN, and the "Show File Listing" feature, which gives me Unix-like look at the files in a particular folder, showing their current permission settings. In addition to all of this (and much more) the address book is easy to setup and use, allows for both remote local bookmarks and lets you import connections from Fetch, Transmit and NetFinder. All in all an excellent program, and excellent service to boot."
kenmcall - September 6, 2005

"Let me start by saying how much I love this product. Captain FTP has been a lifesaver for me in the relm of FTP. It is the only ftp program that I have tried that I like. I started with version 4.0 and recently upgraded to version 4.2. I have tried many different FTP programs from freeware to shareware on demos & I will stick with the Captain. I think one of the strongest points about this app is the vissual clarity in the layout, other apps I have tried and used only to delete have had unstable layouts that don't allow the propper room for expanding views. The layout just appears clear and logical.

As well, the support team is very nice and quick to respond to questions about your service and account."
szostek777 - September 5, 2005

"Ah, I did have the popup blocker on. Will turn it off. I actually downloaded Captain 4.2 and am in the trial period right now. I'll purchase when that runs out in 15 days. Thanks so much for letting me know. And, your service is amazing. Very impressive to have gotten this help without even asking. Other companies could learn from you.
All the best,
Keith Cline"
Keith Cline - August 24, 2005

"A salute for the Captain!

I have tried out a fair number of FTP clients over the years and used everything from Fetch to Transmit to Cyberduck. I was always happy with Fetch back in the old days, but find the new version to be overly complicated to use. Transmit also was not my cup of tea. I liked Cyberduck a lot, especially since it was free, but ran into situations where it lacked the features to complete the task at hand (it didn't support VMS MultiNet V4.4(91), which was necessary to upload to my ISP.)

I had tried Captain FTP a few versions ago and remembered that I thought it was pretty good, so I downloaded the latest version to see if it supported the system for my ISP and sure enough it worked. Not only that, the latest version was the most straightforward FTP client I have ever tried. It supports every sort of network or local file transfer I could ever hope to use and is so easy to use that I never needed to even look for help or the manual! It is almost completely transparent to use, but supports advanced features.

I highly recommend Captain FTP to anyone from novice to advanced users. You will love it! It is reasonably priced to boot, mateys!"
John Riley - July 13, 2005

"Dear Capt. Hook and Peter Pan,
I have been using your product for almost 2 years now and it is without question the best FTP software I have ever experienced. I run an web site for luxury yachting owners and every single photograph on our site (of which there are thousands) have been uploaded with the Capt. FTP.
As of today I am upgrading to Capt. FTP 3.3 and I am looking forward to continued excellent service.
Keep up the great work!"
Gregory, May 14, 2004

"How can a great product get better? With each version I've used, I think they have topped themselves. But Captain FTP gets better and better with each version. I've been using Captain FTP since 1.4 and have loved it ever since. I've recently upgraded to the new version and the additional features are wonderful. The integrated Rendezvous makes file sharing a breeze between by Macs. And what's even better, is the great service the people from Captain FTP provide. Whenever I have a question or problem, it's solved in a jiffy. Great going guys!"
Susan, September 29, 2003

"I've been using Captain FTP 2.x for a year or so. It has never let me down. I appreciate the steady updates and the addition of new capabilities (such as sftp). The two panel arrangement with my local computer on one side and the remote server on the other is best interface. The provided ability to sort by file name or date or - is an absolute necessity especially with large directories. I just downloaded the 3.0 version and paid the $15 upgrade fee without hesitation (this product is more than worth the $25 purchase price plus the upgrade fee). The new look rocks! My only suggestion is to have a finer file size field (smaller unit) but this is minor. Keep it going, Captain FTP!"
greenpoet, September 29, 2003

"CaptainFTP never lets me down, first he instroduced SFTP pretty early, then this wholly re-designed brushed-metal theme (with enhancements). I'm definately paying teh 15$ to upgrade to 3.0..."
Amras, September 29, 2003

"Best FTP program for MACS, user friendly interface, everything you would expect from a first rate utility!"
Anonymous, August 30, 2003

"I strongly recommend this software. I've been managing our department website for about 4 years now and have struggled with a number of ftp products. Captain FTP has been excellent. The upgrade has made things even easier. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for ftp software!"
Alexis McKenney, August 5, 2003

"After using Transmit X since its release, I was overjoyed to find Captain FTP. I have found that Captain FTP is much more reliable and compatible to a variety of FTP sites. I have had no problems in connecting to Unix, Novell, and Windows based FTP server. The user interface is intuitive and very easy to follow, as well as the synchronization feature."
TrautA, Apr 11, 2003

"Absolutly good work from germany :-) and a good support for registered users."
Kampf Katze, Apr 9, 2003

"Just outstanding. Send Fetch on a snipe hunt and tell it not to come back until it has three. :)"
Levon River, Apr 8, 2003

"Captain FTP is by far the single best FTP client for Mac OS X. The graphics are beautiful and the interface couldn't be easier to use. Uploading, Downloading, various servers, what more could you possibly want from a state of the art FTP program? I am recommending this one to all my friends!"
kittonian, Mar 29, 2003

"I spent so much time looking for a decent ftp client for Mac OSX, and they all went in the Trash one after the other... even previous versions of Captain FTP spent much time hanging and crashing... until now! This latest version finally makes serious ftp possible on the Mac. It has a simple, clean interface, it connects quickly, and best of all, it gets the job done! 5 stars without a doubt, get this, you won't regret it, it even checks home for updates for you, and the development team DO take an interest."
rolty, Mar 4, 2003

"I have been using Fetch for the past year . . . until now! What a great program! Captain FTP is Mac OS X compliant, has an easy to use interface and most especially, gets the joh done. This program has made updating my website a fast and enjoyable experience. Any person using any other FTP client, make the switch now! Thanks and keep up the great work!"
srack, Feb 19, 2003

"This an elegant product. I am very pleased that someone would take the time to create a great FTP GUI for OS X. FTP is always overlooked. I am no longer stuck with choosing between Fetch and Interarchy! Beautiful web site as well."
Mike, Feb 16, 2003

"By far, the best FTP for Jaguar. I use it to upload huge media files to my web site, and it leaves Dreamweaver MX and everything else in the dust. I just paid $25.00 for this program and have no regrets for it whatsoever."
ibnabouna, Jan 30, 2003

"WoW! Thank you for such an incredible program! Finally, an OS X FTP client that works! I've tried many others, and this app is by far the best one out there! It's simple, easy to configure, and very stable. Do yourself a favor, and download immediately. Five HUGE stars!"
msmith2112, Jan 16, 2003

"Ich habe mir gestern den Captain zum testen gesaugt, weil mir mein ehemals geliebtes Fetch nur noch rumzickt."
Armin, Jan 16, 2003

"With an intuitive and clean ftp layout, Captain FTP makes file transfers simple. It's easy to setup and if configured right simplifies FTP transfers to merely a couple of mouse clicks. Better still foreign characters are displayed as they are and not as garbage. Avoid the hassle of checking out the competition. Also with a list full of positive testimonials to back up its glowing ability, this is arguably the best choice for me (and you) there is on OS X."
ofey, Jan 15, 2003

"Quite simply, Jaguar is Unix for the masses - a consumer version of the most stable operating system on the planet. Business users will love its ability to detect a wireless connection no matter where they roam. Consumers will be blown away by its simplicity and stability, as well as applications like iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie and iChat. Jaguar takes the operating system to a new level: It just works."
Brian Clark, CNN

"What can I say,
I spent the last 5 days downloading every FTP client imaginable for Mac OS X only to come up disappointed every time until I discovered Captain FTP.
Well done my friends.
You've made my life so much easier."
Michael Carlucci, Subterranean Records, New York City

"This program is really really great. I went to a lan center to download some large files. Using FETCH FTP I had a constant 80 kb/s, I figured this couldn't be right since the lan center was on an oc3 line. After using Captain FTP I was getting 200 kb/s, then after hitting the TURBO Button I sucked up ALL the bandwith and got 500 kb/s! THAT IS FAST!"
Bitz, Jan 6, 2003

"I love it"
marc.sontag, Dec 17, 2002

"Superb software - keep it up!"
fourdegree, Dec 16, 2002

"I think, that this ftp-Client is the best I ever used...!!! It works great and constant. It is just like a real good client should be. Easy to handle and effective. The download-ratings are superiour. Especially the Button called "Turbo-Download". I love it and I will never give it away..!!!"
Florian N., Dec 11, 2002

"I love it. Been using Captain since its early versions; it has only improved. It's a powerful, easy to use Ftp for novice and professionals alike. I have not been able find its equal amongst Mac native clients. It just does a terrific job! I am hopeful to see what Xnet comes up with next."
paphigleo, Dec 9, 2002

"I was starting worry about Captain FTP. The v2.0 didn't allow mi to try it. Now it works and I can see it in action. Nice work!"
MacAster, Dec 2, 2002

"Will do, and thanks for a great product. My web development team used Captain FTP 1.x one time and that was all she wrote. Fetch, Anarchie (or whatever it is called now), transmit and all the other FTP clients were gone.
Captain FTP is all we use, except for the one guy who uses a PC (I don't know why) he is stuck using WSFTP :-( poor fellow, wrong computer, wrong software...his choice."
Anonymous, Nov 29, 2002

"Great little product. The interface is intuitive - drag and drop. Very speedy. Overall, one of the best Mac OS ftp clients I have seen."
epec254, Nov 28, 2002

"This program is fabulous. Simple, does exactly what it says... and it just keeps getting better and better. Take just a look at the new Download Manager feature accelerating and speeding up transfer. And the others: get the facts right before posting. Transmit don't panic and go jump in a lake!"
mondamac, Nov 26, 2002

"Just wanted to thank you for creating an excellent piece of software. I don't use FTP very often, so I used to feel lost when trying to upload files. I tried several different version of FTP software and they were either confusing or crashed my computer. Since switching to Captain FTP I have had no problems at all. Thanks for all of your hard work in creating the easiest, most stable FTP software around."
Linda, Jun 13, 2002

"great product, great price"
eleon, Apr 30, 2002

"wow! I've just paid my registration IN FULL!! what can I say except.. thank you. ;o) (now that I'm a registered user, I'd like to begin pestering you for a transcript window..)"
cor bently, Apr 28, 2002

"Works well and fast ... I like it."
Anonymous, Mar 27, 2002

"Perfect! After long net-search for stable, fast and intuitive-use FTP Client for OS X I can say it will be my preferred FTP client. I test it in my work (with FTP server on unix and NT systems - uploading and downloading) - all works very good and dont't crashes. Captain is the only one FTP Client able to delete whole folder!"
Peter Ivanow, Apr 24, 2002

"I'd say this is currently the best ftp client for MacOS X. It handles long filenames with ease. I've been using fetch for many years and considered it to be a good product. This ftp client does not have all the features of fetch but it has the most important ones and they are implemented in a better way. This should probably be the #1 choise for most people."
Bishop, Apr 24, 2002

"easy to use, great."
duseltotal, Apr 15, 2002

"Pleasently Surprising. Captain FTP handled Japanese encoded text with no problems, unlike Fetch, which rendered the text into garbage. I like the clean easy to use interface and the fact I could try it out free without registering, something Rbrowser and Interarchy won't let you do."
Don Hinkelman, Apr 11, 2002

"Great app! Much better than Fetch. Error messages are not displayed properly, but that's only a minor flaw. It would be nice to have a feature like Fetch has to edit the files directly with a text editor (online). Keep up the good work!"
Doraemon, Apr 8, 2002

"Nice work - but doesn't import Fetch shortcuts. Also, would be nice to eliminate the local side of the window as a preference - I just use drag and drop for my work."
sixtysevensaab, Apr 2, 2002

"Great, great application!!! This is the best FTP program for X. I only need to change the Local Folders side."
xico, Mar 31, 2002

"Wow, my search for an FTP client with a responsive interface has finally come to an end!!! My only complaint would be that I wish the date column could be formatted according to the users preference, add this feature and it will be perfect!!!"
jett_gt, Mar 31, 2002

"One crash initially, but solid ever since. I especially like the ability to search the remote server. Very nice work."
HomerB, Mar 26, 2002

"I have tried many, but search no more. It makes a nice browser for those invisible files too. A really useful (and stable) tool... "
Mr. Pat, Mar 24, 2002

"Captain FTP immediatele fixed the problem and emaied the updated version - now it is GREAT."
gwc, Mar 23, 2002

"All I care about is that the dear ol' Captain connects, uploads to, and downloads from the Geocities ftp site (the ftp client included in GoLive 6 can't upload to geocities for some unknown reason - very annoying). Better yet, Captain FTP also flawlessly connects to several other ftp servers I deal with. Before trying Captain FTP, I tried several other OS X FTP clients, and I couldn't get any of them to connect to all of these servers. Also, the user interface in Captain FTP is far more intuitive than Fetch for OS X. I am going to use what works for me, and so far the Captain is flawless for me (and I love the skull and crossbones logo!!)."
arthurh, Mar 20, 2002

"It is first best ftp client under Mac OS I found. "
Fafik, Mar 20, 2002

"CaptainFTP is coool !!! It's the greatest ftp-client hit."
gandalfinius, Mar 20, 2002

"Perfect in my opinion. Captain FTP becomes my favorite FTP client. It combines reliability, rapidity and user friendly interface."
beyonder, Mar 20, 2002

"That's amazing how such a powerfull,efficient,quick as well as unusual user-friendly and elegant FTP client may be treat so badly here on public forum. For me it looks and WORKS! great and real brisk, so I must disagree with the previous opinions. Captain FTP is one of the few programs - countable on one hand - that I have relied upon for it was released and have been faithfully served by over these same months of use. Therefore receives 5 stars!"
Marvin Rice, Mar 20, 2002

"I think it will be my preferred FTP client. Good and nice frontend and works O.K. I test it with FTP server on unix and NT systems - all works very good and dont't crashes. I recommend to use CaptainFTP if you transfer many data to many different systems (using ftp)."
jcom, Mar 20, 2002

"thanx a lot. works super smooth now! i've had the weirdest problems with all ftp programs i've tried for OSX including fetch. your new version is the first to work 100% smoothly."
b i x, Mar 12, 2002