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   Frequently Asked Questions
Q:When I upload files the permissions have changed?
A:User can set default upload permissions in the address book for each entry.
Q:When I connect to the server I cannot see any files listed?
A:Edit the address book entry and try connecting with or without Passive Mode.
Q:I have problems when trying to buy Captain FTP?
A:Please take a look at some problems which affect users trying to buy Captain FTP and then try again.
Q:I am having problems connecting to a server?
A:Please send us the Trace Log.
Please go to Captain FTP Preferences and select the FTP Tab. Set the Communication Trace to 'Full(every command will be added to the trace)'.
There is a Trace for each browser window, can you check both to see if anything is being recorded. Highlight the window or tab in question, and then select FTP Trace from the Captain FTP menu 'Show'.