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The very first cooperative FTP client

Publishing web sites can be a time consuming affair, to reduce the workload Captain FTP has been equpped with Sync Browsing. If the local and remote directory structure match, users can browse the locally folders and the remote folder will automatically follow the local folder.

Automatically update your online content using CrowzNest to detect new files and upload them to your website.

Make sure that your data is safe by using Captain FTP is make backups using the Transfer Manager and Synchronisation to schedule file transfers to the backup storage.

Captain FTP supports FTP/SSL-FTP/SFTP with a flexible tabbed interface complimenting to automatically transfer and backup your data.

Captain FTP is also incredibly powerful, fast, secure, and user-friendly with a wealth of functionality available for all users from novices to expert users:

Simple navigation with Quick Connect, drag&drop, Virtual folders, Growl, WebDAV, Archiving, Finder Sidebar, Aliases, and built-in internal viewers for movie, picture, sound and PDF.

Comprehensive functionality with Transfer Manager, scheduled transfers, accelerated transfers, resuming, auto-reconnect, synchronization, Applescripts, file privileges, large file support (2GB) and remote file editing. Localized versions available in English, German, French, Japanese, and Chinese.

The Transfer Manager, a showpiece of Captain FTP, not only controls file transfers, and allows users to modify the transfers by pausing, and halting transfers, but has now been integrated with the accelerated downloads functionality, which works particularly well for large files 2GB and bigger, enabling large files to be downloaded much more quickly.

Security is at the top of most users' priorities, and Captain FTP has introduced an extra layer of security with Key Authentication for Secure FTP transfers.

There are many more enhancements in Captain FTP which combine to provide an enjoyable experience for the user, such as auto expanding folders with Drag&Drop, configurable FTP control buttons, Aliases, and more.

For a full list of Captain FTP features please go to the feature list.

It gets better and better I cannot find any fault with this simple easy to use ftp program , been using it for a long time now , and it always works perfectly, gonna try the latest version, I bet it is even better than the old version"

Captain FTP is a shareware product and its license key costs USD 29,- (or EUR 22,-). However, for those who have purchased Upgrade Protection, Captain FTP the newest upgrade is FREE of charge. Users of previous generations without Upgrade Protection may purchase the Upgrade at a discounted price.

Upgrade Protection provides the user with all updates and upgrades for 12 months from date of purchase. For more information about Upgrade Protection, please see our Purchasing Guide

"Technology is constantly evolving and Xnet is part of that evolution. We are striving forward developing new ideas and also implementing suggestions from our customers, combining them to develop products and services that we and our customers can be proud of." - said Mariusz Roznowski, CEO Xnet.