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The Benefits of using Captain FTP:
  • Share files with your project team by uploading and downloading files directly from other Captain FTP user. Manage, and update Web sites, both personal and commercial, by using Captain FTP to upload your files.
  • Securely transfer business critical data with your clients, vendors, partners and coworkers.
  • Share files with your family or friends by uploading your photos to your webiste, or transfer directly to them.
  • Move files across different platforms, for example from Mac to PC.
  • Download software updates or patches from software vendors.
  • Download the latest MP3s, or your favorite games.
  • Save time and money by transferring files instead of burning data onto CD.

"Thank you for Captain FTP. It works very well. I appreciate your contribution to the Mac community."

Who can Benefit from Captain FTP:

The truth is everyone from Private home users to large multi-nationals can benefit from using FTP software:

  • Private home Users - send photos to your friends using FTP.
  • Students, and Academic users - download course materials from the school networks, share projects, or make them accessible for faculties.
  • Team workers - share files with your colleagues from desk to desk directly using FTP.
  • Digital photography, and printing - upload photos to magazine, or newspaper editors, or send printing specifications to print vendors such as Artwork.
  • ISPs, and web hosting providers - provide file transfer services, or use FTP to quickly transfer software fixes.
  • Government agencies, and NGOs - transfer vital data quickly and securely, to multiple sites.
  • Music recording, and entertainment studios - transfer large files to customers quickly and easily.
  • Banks, and companies offering financials services - distribute price updates, and services to multiple sites quickly.
  • Architectural, engineering, construction firms - transfer schematics, designs, and plans quickly and securely.
  • Medical instituctions - transfer records, or scans, or x-rays using Captain FTP.
  • Scientific research - make your data available quickly, or collate data from many sources.
  • Or basically anyone who wants to transfer data quickly and securely.
"Best FTP program for MACS, user friendly interface, everything you would expect from a first rate utility!"