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   Join our crew and become a Captain FTP Affiliate

How it works?

Earn money by promoting one of our products on your website. It is free to join and there are no fees.

Basically you:
  • Create an account
  • Select our products
  • Link our product on your site
  • We provide content to market the apps.
  • Earn commission when someone makes a purchase.
  • We handle the payment.
  • We send the license keys.

What can I earn?

Xnet Commission
We pay you 25% commission on the sale.

Affiliate Rewards Program
The RegNow Affiliate Program also pays you. UP TO 2.5% in additional commissions on every sale.

Affiliate Referral Program
Recruit additional affiliates into the RegNow program and earn 5% on every sale they generate for the first 90 days after their signup.

Getting Paid

To get information about payments click here.

Getting started

Create an account

Step 1
Create an account here if you do not already have a RegNow affiliate account.

Add a Product

Step 2 setup, add our products (login required).

Click View, select our Products you wish to sell, then click Save.

Product ID Product Name
16970-1 Captain FTP
16970-2 iSoftPhone
16970-3 Captain FTP with Upgrade Protection
16970-4 iSoftPhone with Upgrade Protection

Sales Links

Step 3
Link Directly to a Product's Order Form For Buy Now or Trial Links.

Buy Now Links
This method sends customers directly to the product's order form. The customer's visit is recorded so that even if they decide to order at a later time (from a site using RegNow) you will still receive credit for the sale. This method may also be valuable if you are building a "store front" of affiliate links.

Click on the Product Name.
Select the banner to use and then click on Show Link.
Copy'n'paste the link to your site.


In the window Relationship Detail, click on the tab Sales Links.
Manually add the link to you own banner.


Help guide
Help guide is available here.

Cool Content

Banners for your website are here.

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